Famed Selector Ricky Trooper Makes Radio Debut

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Famed selector Ricky Trooper has officially joined the Sound Chat Radio Network, adding radio personality to his growing list of accomplishments. Trooper's Monday, March 2 debut on the Irish and Chin owned radio network made history, as listenership peaked, reaching an all-time high. The iconic sound man did exactly what he is famous for, setting his own trend by playing the music his way. Free from hype and every day selections, the massive listening audience loved every minute of Trooper's new show.

"Ricky Trooper is a major contributor to sound system culture and is undeniably responsible for a lot of today's talent, says Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin. "In order for the sound culture to regain it's foothold and well deserved respect, Ricky Trooper is needed....we are glad to have the honor of presenting him on Sound Chat Radio. He is a great fit."

Monday's increased listenership does not come as a surprise, as Dancehall fans have been abuzz ever since the Trooper announcement. The syndicated show streams from irishandchin.com every Monday from 10 pm - 12 am est, giving listeners a regular opportunity to hear the legendary selector in action. A genuine testament of their support, Dancehall enthusiasts were glued to the irishandchin.com chat room and social media through out the show, channeling the new radio personality's every move.

Dubbed the "killing machine" by clash fans, Ricky Trooper boasts a legendary sound clash career, which matriculated on the world renowned Kilamanjaro sound system and later his own effort, Sound Trooper. He has competed and defeated the best of them. And true to form, Trooper "killed" his first night on air, thrilling listeners with unforgettable music. Never shy on the mic, the vocal selector was charged to "talk di tings," while unleashing fiery, rare selections.

The Sound Chat Radio Network offers listeners 24-hour sound system driven radio programming. The network, which is owned and operated by Caribbean entertainment visionaries Irish and Chin, streams from irishandchin.com round the clock and boasts some of the sound industry's biggest names. The network's eponymous talk program with hosts Garfield "Chin" Bourne and Rohan Ninja Henry, along with other select programs, is syndicated on more than 20 traditional and Internet radio stations worldwide. Complete show schedules can be found on irishandchin.com.

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