J. Jewels: Meet 17 Year Old Pop/R&B Singer Lynda Rose

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New York based publicist and music marketing extraordinaire J. Jewels has partnered up with Eat Breathe Sing Entertainment to promote 17 year old pop/R&B singer Lynda Rose. J. Jewels met the young singer approximately 5 years ago and knowing that she was really talented began asking her team for an opportunity to work with her.

 That opportunity was granted earlier this year and Jewels immediately went to work by launching a reality show series centered on her life. The first episode which was uploaded to YouTube on January 7th has already racked up well over 10,000 views. J. Jewels then followed up by recording Lynda’s first single which is entitled “what they want”. The record is an R&B track produced by Chance UNO and it features hip-hop artist Maino.

Listen “What they want” below:

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