Martian Music Wins with Carnival: Volume 2 (The Elements)

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Trinidad-based hit production house Martian Music drops its sizzling new compilation Carnival: Volume 2 (The Elements), available worldwide from all major digital retailers on March 31, 2015, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. Producer Erikkson Kendel George AKA Don Iko of Martian Music delivers a slew of new hits from the 2015 Trinidad Carnival season, and now they are yours to keep with this ultimate collection.

Carnival: Volume 2 (The Elements) boasts 12 soca anthems, featuring the likes of Machel Montano, Alison Hinds, Farmer Nappy, Destra Garcia, Nadia Batson, Patrice Roberts, Lyrikal, Jo Jo and Lavaman, making this compilation a sure keeper.
  1. Machel Montano - Pop Ah Bottle
  2. Destra Garcia - Lucky
  3. Nadia Batson - Cyah Change
  4. Farmer Nappy - In Trouble Featuring Alison Hinds
  5. Lyrikal - Dey In It
  6. Jo Jo - Drum Roll
  7. Nadia Batson - Wildness Featuring Boyzie
  8. Nadia Batson - Cooler Fete
  9. Farmer Nappy - Doh Remember
  10. Lavaman - Strong Rum & Beers
  11. Patrice Roberts - Looking For It
  12. Nadia Batson - Sun Come Up
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