New Music: Bad Indian Riddim

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With productions on rotation worldwide, acclaimed Dinearo UIM Records music has worked with some of the biggest names in dancehall and regage music. Their latest production "Bad Indian Riddim" features Black Diamon "Hear Mi Nuh", Teflon "Wine Your Waist", Franchizze "Jah Jah", Furtyle Brian "Huntin Time", Jimbo Sparta "Apache", Lejah "Yuh Nuh Bad Man", Masicka "Bat A Fly", Navino "Party Tun Up", Sanity "Nuh Trust People", Shawn Storm "Beef" and Versatile with "Don't Test". "Bad Indian Riddim" is out now on itunes via 21st Hapilos Digital.


  1. Blak Diamon - Hear Mi Nuh
  2. Franchizze - Jah Jah
  3. Furtyle Brain- Hunting Time
  4. Jimbo - Apache
  5. Lejah - You Nuh Bad Man
  6. Masicka - Bat A Fly
  7. Navino - Party Tun Up
  8. Sanity - Nuh Trust People
  9. Shawn Storm - Beef
  10. Teflon - Wine Your Waist
  11. Versatile - Don't Test
  12. Dinearo - Bad Indian Riddim (instrumental)

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