Oneness Records Releases Retro Locks Riddim Compilation

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Munich-based record label Oneness Records officially released the Retro Locks Riddim. The artists featured on Oneness Records' take on Bim Sherman's classic Golden Locks, include Iba Mahr, Dre Island and Mark Wonder.

Retro Locks Riddim
Label: Oneness Records
Release date: 3/20/2015
  1. Dre Island - On Time 
  2. Iba Mahr - Travelling Home 
  3. Glen Washington & Fyah T - Golden Locks 
  4. Treesha - Don't Do It 
  5. Gappy Ranks - Who Are You feat. Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal 
  6. YT - Human Rights 
  7. Runkus - Kindness 
  8. Denham Smith - When Man Hungry 
  9. Naptali - Nuh Partial feat. Arofat 
  10. Mark Wonder - Same King 
  11. Umberto Echo - Travelling Dub 12. Retro Locks Riddim (Version) - Oneness Band

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