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Dancehall recording artiste QQ has been flaunting a new image. The ‘One Drop’ artiste who recently made an appearance on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall turned many heads with his new ‘do’ and his militant attire. “I have been in entertainment for some time now and my fans have seen me grow. I think at every phase in my life from childhood to being a teenage and now an adult it is imperative for me to rebrand” shared QQ.

When asked about the reception of the fans to the new look, QQ shared “the female fans love it and I receive a lot of fan mail and comments on social media about it”. The artiste added that his his team chose this look after being inspired by international pop sensations ‘Prince’ and ‘Michael Jackson’.

While QQ was introduced to us at the tender age of 10 years old the ‘Stookie’ artiste have made several changes and further created massive waves in his 11 years of pursuing music. With successes from singles such as ‘Jack Hammer’, ‘One Drop’, and ‘Turn Me On’ to name a few, QQ does not intend on slowing down. He added, “Music to me is an art, it is my lifestyle and my passion. I am working even harder to produce more hits”. QQ is set to embark on his ‘Jack Hammer Tour’ this March in the United States and Canada.
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