Raydaar Eye’s Breakthrough With Bad Mind

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Reggae singer Rennoy Bean aka Raydaar is all smiles as his single called Bad Mind continues to enjoy heavy rotation. The soft spoken singer who lives in Montego Bay says he is confident that the song which was released late last year will bring him the musical breakthrough he desires.

“I’ve released a number of singles before this one, but this is by far the most successful recording I’ve done in my career. I believe that this the song that is going to give me a break in the music business,” said Ryadaar.

The music video for Bad Mind is also doing well, it is currently enjoying strong rotation on a number of TV stations including HYPE TV, RETV and CVM Plus.

“I am very happy that the video is doing so well, it’s getting a lot of rotation. My fans love the video they are giving it a lot of support online, the YouTube hits are growing nicely.”

Raydaar is currently busy in the studios working on a several new projects, chief among them is his debut EP which slated to be released later this year.

“I’m working on a number of new tracks, I plan to drop a couple new singles later this summer. I also plan to release an EP and a mixtape before the end of the year.”

The raider is also looking forward to perform at a number of upcoming events both locally and abroad.
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