Razor B Hot Up Dancehall With New Track For Latest Dance Craze

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New dance track for the hottest new dance that's sweeping the Dancehall arena already in Jamaica and even in parts of North America. Learn it from the many viral videos that have bombarded the social media networks. Fluffy divas have joined in on the fun as well, giving the impression that the dance, or dancing in general, is not limited to the female species of the slimmer kind. The dance was created by Latty and helped to become an epidemic by fellow dancers DHQ Nickeisha, Sher, Chin, Swatwinz, Renee 6:30, Jade and TC, among several others. The song is expected to propel the dance even further as Razor B's infectious lyrics and flow captivates the listener, forcing even the non-dancer to want to get up and move.

The new dance that's sure to sweep the nation!!!

Artist: Razor B
Song: Hot Up
Producer: DJ Frankco
Label: New Era Productionz
Released: March 9th, 2015

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