Turbo Blacks Drops Nuh Fraid A Gully Bop (Inna Diss)

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Dancehall artiste Turbo Blacks aka Three Voice recently released a brand new track titled Mi Nuh Fraid a Gully Bop (Inna This). The single which was produced by Turbo Blacks and released on his R&G label is the follow up to his controversial single titled Gully Bop Attack which was released in January.

According to Turbo Blacks he decided to record Mi Nuh Fraid a Gully Bop (Inna This) because a number of reliable sources have told him that Gully Bop plans to counteract Gully Bop Attack.

“Several people in the business have told me that Gully Bop plans to record a counteraction to diss me because he doesn’t like the song I did called Gully Bop Attack and he’s upset, but I’m not afraid of Gully Bop or any other artiste. Gully Bop Attack is a fun, upbeat song, it’s all about humor and laughter. I did it to make people laugh, if you take a good look at the history of Dancehall music you will see that humor is a very big part of it,” said Turbo Blacks.

The song which samples the rhythm of Pap San’s 1990s hit, Maddy Maddy Cry, was recorded last week and is already enjoying heavy rotation on a number of popular radio stations.

“This song is hit bound, a lot of selectors and DJs are requesting it already, it’s going to be a hit, said the artiste”

Turbo Blacks also plans to shoot music videos for Gully Bop Attack & Mi Nuh Fraid a Gully Bop (Inna This).
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