9 Things We Learned From Mavado Interview With The Breakfast Club

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Mavado stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about squashing his feud With Vybz Kartel, Why He Worked With DJ Khaled & more.

In a roundtable interview with Charlamagne the God, and Angela Yee, Gully Gad talked about his feud with Bounty Killer and whether or not he and Killer will ever get back together. His new album, working with Jay Z, plus more. See what the Gully Gad divulged in his latest in-depth discussion. Oh and FYI, this is Mavado's first time on The Breakfast Club.

  1. Bounty Killer feud
    You may or may not already know this, but Bounty Killer & Mavado has been feuding for some time now. When asked by Yee about what caused the feud, the Gully Gad simply stated that "In life you don't know the ones who will turn on you".
  2. Re-uniting with Killer
    Mavado chalked it up to the "anything can happen" sentiment.
  3. Shottas 2
    There will be a Shottas 2 movie. However, filming location is still being sorted out. Filming will also take place in two other Caribbean islands. Gully Gad is on board for the second installment.
  4. DJ Khaled: We The Best
    Working with DJ Khaled is all about unity as Mavado explained that he and Khaled have been friends for over 17 years.
  5. US Rappers Vs Dancehall Artists
    Why is easier for dancehall artists to work with US rappers and not easy to work with other dancehall artists? Mavado admitted that it is easier to work with US rappers simply because in dancehall there is too much "Crab in barrell attitude"
  6. Legendary
    When asked about working with Jay Z, Mavado explained  that his 2009 hit single "I'm On The Rock" Jay Z remix was not done the ordinary way. In fact Jay reached out to him after remixing the song, not before. The rest was history. That was one of the greatest moment for him throughout his career. For Jay to reach out to him.
  7. Ashanti
    Gully Gad is known as a huge Ashanti Fan. He expresses his interest to work with her. However, he has not made that connection as yet.

  8. Record Label
    Currently, Gully has 2 artists signed to his label - Chase Cross & 3 Stars.

  9. For the fans
    Mavado is working on a new album which is being recorded in his studio in Florida.
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