Brimstone Warns Foreign Nuh Easy

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WaveStorm recording artiste Brimstone aka Bucannibis is anticipating great success for his recently released single called Foreign Nuh Easy. The song which tells a tale about the trials faced by many Jamaicans who migrate to live with relatives in foreign countries was produced by Andrew Watson for WaveStorm Entertainment.

Foreign Nuh Easy was released in March, since then it has enjoyed heavy rotation on a number of top local radio stations.

"I wrote this song with the intention to give it to another artiste to record it, but a friend of mine told me to record it myself. I am glad I took his advice. Based on the response the song is getting, I think it’s going to be a big hit," said the artiste.

Brimstone also revealed that he wrote Foreign Nuh Easy based on a personal experience.

“I left Jamaica in 2003 and went to live in England for a while and it was a very shocking experience. So I wrote this song to educate people about what could happen to them if they migrate. Some people migrate and have positive experiences, but a lot of folks aren’t so lucky, some of them do not want to let people know what they’ve been through so they come back home and don’t say anything about it,” said Brimstone.

The soft spoken Deejay whose real name is Donovan Buchanan said he plans to shoot a video for the song very soon.

“I’m looking towards shooting a video for this song very soon. I want to have it shot and ready for release before the summer begins.”
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