Busy Signal Says Welcome To Fans In New Video

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International Super Star Busy Signal throws out the ‘welcome’ sign as he says “Welcome” to fans all over the world via his new video release on his VEVO channel. Connecting the look, attitude and energy of Dancehall in its glory days with the swagger of today, Busy’s new video strikes several chords with lovers of Reggae and Dancehall through the use of his wardrobe which includes the Kangol, gold chains and Rasta tam, complimenting refined suits and cigars. In addition, Busy’s attitude towards women reflects the genres love for their beauty of all shapes and sizes dancing to his music.

Sonically, producers Turf Music Entertainment visit yester-year as they implement drum patterns and synthesizers to replicate the golden era of the 90’s. Making the song modern, and taking advantage of the nostalgia of this era, Busy creates his flow using phrases like “lyrics ah punch like Mike McCallum / watch the pirate dem ah run come.” The first part of the lyric refers to the retired Jamaican boxer dubbed the Body Snatcher, the lyrics impact, while the latter speaks to the many artists who pattern their style after the icon.

“Music video’s is one part of the business I don’t like, but I had fun on this video shoot. We used different looks from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s so costume changes were good, and the dancers kept things lively so we all had fun!”

A part of the concept for the video called for a majority black and white surrounding interspersed with bursts of color such as Busy’s all white suit with burst of bright green from his tie which coordinates with the dancers attire (at the 6 second frame), or the all white background being the backdrop for the ‘pop’ in Busy’s red shirt (30 second frame).

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