Irie Magazine April 420 Issue is Out; Roots, Rock, Reggae and Respect!

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IRIE, the reggae magazine for everything roots rock reggae music, today released it’s April ‘420’ 2015 issue (#02.04) featuring roots reggae artist, Tuff Like Iron, on the cover. The April 2015 reggae issue includes an exclusive interview with Tuff Like Iron (Jamaica) and features reggae artists The Toyes (USA), Ras Attitude (Jamaica), Arden Park Roots (USA), Dub Inc (France), I-Bel Campbell (Jamaica) and Frontman & the Managers (Spain).

In the ROCK section, IRIE catches up with Ziggi Man, founder of Ziggi Papers, who also happens to be our DUB featured artists, Dubtafari Sound, which is presented by Dubophonic Netlabel and Versionist.net. The ROOTS section is a history lesson on the forgotten history of hemp cultivation in America and call to reintroduce it across the United States. And if that weren’t enough, our RIDDIMS section includes 13 exclusive Irie Trax for your personal listening pleasure! 

To download your FREE issue of IRIE Magazine, click on the download links below:

Click here to read IRIE Magazine Issue #02-04

DESKTOP DOWNLOAD (Includes Irie Trax - 138.1 MB):
Download IRIE Magazine Issue #02-04 (w/ Irie Trax) to your Desktop!

IRIE DUB DOWNLOAD (Dubophonic Netlabel & Versionist.net Presents - 84.1 MB):
Download IRIE DUB to your Desktop!

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