Reggae Recording Star Omari Banks Featured in BehindTheScenes Magazine

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Artist Spotlight: Interview with Omari Banks - Behind The Scenes Magazine article written by esteemed writer/publisher Pojanee "PJ" Fleury. Below is an excerpt;

He has been described as a cross between Bob Dylan and Bob Marley [New York Times 2/4/15]. His unique style has captivated audiences since he was 5 years old. It was actually on his fifth birthday when his father Bankie Banks first put him on stage in Milan, Italy at Club Zimba; by the end of that performance a star was born! His love for the stage grew rapidly and by the age of 10 he was writing his own music and playing the guitar. He left the stage for 12 years when in his teen and early 20s, his interest for sports increased. He made history in 2003 becoming the first player from Anguilla to play test cricket for the Caribbean. A natural multi talented youth with drive and ambition, he shines on many different stages. Through his travels he was influenced and shaped by different cultures, which manifests in his music. Omari Banks is a unique artist with a genuine sound, a rare find these days.

Banks released a new album this year entitled “Move On,” a deluxe edition featuring Peetah Morgan of Reggae Royalty Morgan Heritage. Produced by Omari Banks himself "No Point To Prove" compliments the soulful sounds of Peetah Morgan and is the lead single off the album. He talks about working with Peetah and more in our exclusive interview. Check it out below and the “No Point To Prove” video:

How was it growing up with your talented father Bankie Banx? What did you learn from him?

It was cool growing up with a Dad who was an artist, everybody expected me to go straight into music which I'm doing now. I learned a lot about the effort and time it takes to build a career in music as well as how enjoyable it can be.

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