Watch: Jula ft Kalibwoy & Royston Williams - Fatstash Vibez

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Jula formly known as Young Cashino is going hard with his second video for 2015, this Europe based artist is proving that he has everything what it takes to be a succesfull artist and business man in the music industry.

With his clothingline "Fatstash Enterprise" going good in Europe in countries like Germany, Belgium, France and Spain and also his party "Fatstash Vibez" that is taking place in Club One 45 every Saturday and making a name for it self he is releasing a brand new exclusive single called "Fatstash Vibez" featuring Kalibwoy and Royston Willams.

The beat is produced by Dopebwoy and video shot and edit by Jason Rocco. Now currently working with Lexy Montana of MKB Jula is geared up with a large arsenal of good music to release in 2015.

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