Dancehall Artist Spice Says Lady Saw Too Badmind And The Argument Done

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The Best of the Best concert was held on May 25th. While fans reveled in the different acts, one incident in particular caught the attention of many and is currently the talk of social media.

According to the "So Mi Like It" singer, she was booked to perform before dancehall veteran Lady Saw. However, Lady Saw went ahead and performed before her.

Spice states that Saw's move were purely out of "hate" & "bad mind".

Her statement is as follow:

"All This Suss Suss and people Calling me asking what's going on. Yes Lady Saw Run go work before me Last Night, as she was schedule to work after but because she Tink she Could a Stop my ting She walk on before her time and run go perform before mi but I hope she see now What Time it is. We all have our time and we are all here to make it. Alot of you Fans won't get it or understand the Truth of whats really going on but I've said it before and will say it again. I'm not here to Take no one place, Lady Saw Done Set it already and Done Name weh she Name and I can't change dat and No other Female to come after will be able to change it either, but there will always be other females to come after that will want to shine Too. "There is enough Lime here for all of us to shine here " We all have our Dreams. I'm just here to do me, To do my thing and feed my two kids. I don't know what the problem is but I just know that "Lady Saw Too Badmind and the Argument Done" so unu plz stop Call me Now."

Update: Lady Saw has responded to Spice's "hate" claims.
Read Lady Saw's statement below:

"Spice want to go on tv radio N in the papers every week so she seek attention doing whatever it is to get her her notice . I'm her target."

"Hate is a strong word but this woman got me thinking about it. I think I may just start hating someone. U rob me of my dignity spice".

Hope this feud does not escalate further!
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