Dnyce Delivers The Pure Love Riddim

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Trinidadian producer Dnyce delivers new reggae gems on his compilation Pure Love Riddim, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on May 26, 2015, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. Featuring seven tracks, producer David “Dnyce” Pereira continues to play an instrumental role in placing Trinidadian reggae on the global map.

Rising Trinidadian reggae sensations shine in the spotlight on the Pure Love Riddim, including Sadiki with “Who Doh Hear Does Feel,” Choosen with “Confused,” Versatyle with “All We Need Is Love” and Jah Mundy with “Watchie Watchie,” just to name a few of the hits on this smooth, one-drop collection.

With roots planted in R&B, Dnyce’s productions stand out as he incorporates mellow grooves into his music, as is evident with the sweet Pure Love Riddim, much to the delight of reggae fans everywhere.

  1. Jah Mundy - Watchie Watchie
  2. Nyiida Andrews - I Choose You
  3. Choosen - Confused
  4. Sadiki - Who Doh Hear Does Feel
  5. Niko - This Girl
  6. Versatyle - All We Need Is Love
  7. Dnyce Muzic - Pure Love Riddim (Instrumental)
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