Ethan Tucker's Misunderstood Available Now Crazy Tonight Feat. Michael Franti Hitting At AAA Radio Including KCRW

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"Ethan is going to be a perennial artist for a lifetime of music. He is not somebody who you think is going to be like three years on the map and then you never hear from them again. "He is going to be an artist to me like Ben Harper or Jack Johnson or even John Lee Hooker from the Rolling Stones who plays music until they can't play anymore." - Michael Franti
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Olympia Washington, recording artist Ethan Tucker has released his hugely anticipated third album, Misunderstood on Stoopid Records, the label founded by Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald of the profoundly successful California Roots band Slightly Stoopid.

The album's first single, "Crazy Tonight" is proving to be yet another sensation for Ethan Tucker, currently garnering AAA radio spins around the country including LA tastemaker station KCRW, and having huge buzz surrounding the soon to be released video (directed by Franti). The infectious single featuring guest vocals by Michael Franti was arranged, produced and recorded at Franti's San Francisco studio. Setting the stage for Tuckers' first professional LP, "Crazy Tonight" also highlights Tucker's enthusiasm for collaboration at its best.                 

Throughout the album you can hear Tucker's signature soulful-bluesy sound in singles such as, "Cool Kids", (written before the LA pop band Echosmith's song of the same name - check Tucker's YouTube channel for the original acoustic version)  "Crazy", "Coming Home", "This Has All Been a Dream" and "Tease Me". Together Tucker and producer Mario Caldato Jr. (Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson, G Love & Special Sauce) captured a diverse array of sounds from blues and folk to pop. More importantly you are able to connect with Tucker and get a sense of who he is and his love for music. Most importantly Misunderstood captures the true essence of Ethan Tucker's talent and personality.

"Ethan is amazing at whatever he does. Singing, strumming, shredding the guitar on leads, or just making people smile. He's good at it all. His latest album Misunderstood has many variations of styles. My favorite song off it is "This has all been a dream". It best captures Ethan's talent and personality.  Good music is great, but when the personality and character of the person making the music is just as great, there ain't nothin' better." -Kyle McDonald, Slightly Stoopid

Ethan Tucker has lined up a series of appearances fueling the release of Misunderstood, including special performances with John Butler Trio, JJ Grey and MOFRO, The California Roots Festival and several performances with HIRIE.

Misunderstood is an extraordinary musical showcase of Ethan's ability to meld a multitude of musical approaches to create his own distinctive sound "I'm not a reggae artist, I'm not a folk artist, I'm not a blues artist, I just play guitar and write songs for whatever I feel like. I think that's one thing that makes it unique. I don't go into it with any classification. So one song might sound kind of jazzy, one song might sound kind of bluesy, but I don't go into it saying 'I'm gonna be this sound'. It's kind of it's own thing." said Ethan Tucker to thepier.org

Misunderstood is available at iTunes (with 3 exclusive bonus tracks) and all streaming services now smarturl.it/Misunderstood-iTunes
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