Jahdore Making His Mark With JDMP Records

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Reggae artiste Sean McDonald aka Jahdore is serious about his career and the future of Jamaican music.

“I’ve been in the business for a while now and I’ve been observing the new direction that Reggae music is taking internationally. A lot of producers and other music industry personnel in Jamaica are way behind in the game, the music industry moves at a very rapid pace internationally. I don’t to be left behind so I am constantly learning new things about the business and using this knowledge to improve my career,” said Jahdore.

The out spoken singjay who is also a trained musician said the steady decline in sales for Reggae music can be attributed to the lack of professionalism and creativity..

“Some of the producers in the business are not serious about the quality of the music they are making and some of them don’t know how to promote or market the music properly,” he said.

Wanting to have greater creative and marketing control over his career Jahdore launched his own label, JDMP Records (Jahdore Music Production) four years ago. Since then he has produced and released a number of successful singles on his label such as Security Worker, Jah Jah Nah Sleep, You Made Me Love and his latest single Fake People.

“Having my own label allows me to have greater control over all aspects of my music and my career. I think my team and I have been doing a good job of handling things so far, as you can see my career is growing. My latest single and video is also doing very well."

Jahdore also stated that he plans to work with a number of upcoming acts in the not too distant future.

 “I have my own studio in Spanish Town and I plan to record some of the talented young artistes from this area.”

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