Mick Jagger Lists Vybz Kartel & Jay Z As His Favorite Rappers

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Fans were given the opportunity to take part in #AskTheStones Twitter Q&A. One fan who goes by the name @realtable ask the Rock legend "Who are your favourite rappers!" His answer came as a bit suprising, as he named Vybz Collins, presumably meaning Vybz Kartel & Jay Z as his favorite rappers.

“My favorite rappers are Vybz Collins, I like him, and I guess Jay Z,” Mick Jagger said.

Jagger went on to state that "One is very different from the other,” Jagger said. “Jay Z’s got this whole body of work and he’s put himself together with great tunes as well. And Vybz Collins is just completely mad dancehall and totally different. It’s very difficult to understand a word he says until you’ve heard it about 100 times [laughs].”

Peep the video below:

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