Mr Vegas Shelf’s Songs With Overmarz

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Dancehall star Mr. Vegas is never shy about creating waves. The prolific hit maker recently collaborated with Overmarz a single titled Hot Rice.

However, he found out afterwards that Overmarz had recorded songs with the same title with a number of other artistes. This left Mr. Vegas with no choice but to remove Overmarz from his track and rename it, Give Thanks For Life.

“Overmarz and I did the original Hot Rice song together on a rhythm for Arif Copper called Success & Strive. After that I found out that he had recorded other Hot Rice songs with other artistes including Voicemail. As Matter of fact, he and Voicemail also did a video for their song and started to promote it.  It cost a lot of money to shoot a video and promote a song and since Voicemail had already began promoting their Hot Rice song and video, I decided to scrap my song with Ova Mars and allow them to do their thing.”

Mr. Vegas said he has no regrets about his decision.

“Removing Overmarz from the song and renaming it was the right thing to do. The response to Give Thanks For Life is very good, it’s generating a lot of airplay both locally and internationally. It looks like it’s going to be one of the big songs for the summer,” said Vegas.

Mr. Vegas also stated that he plans to shoot a video for Give Thanks For Life.

“I’m going to shoot a video for Give Thanks For Life and release it before the end of July.”

Mr. Vegas is also enjoying a lot of attention on the international scene with his single titled My Jam Ft. Pitbull and his cover of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.
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