New Music: Nyashane - I am Feeling Irie

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Nyashane releases I am Feeling Irie single off his Barefoot Warrior Ep. The song is produced by APS.Columbian.

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Featured Artist: Nyashane #BarefootWarrior

About Nyashane

Rushane McFarlane Born November 3rd 1988 grew up in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica with a sense of African Royalty like the Original Barefoot Warriors "The Maroons" of Jamaica. Nyashane speaks with essence of the history of African and Nyabingi Rasta Warriors, He feels the reggae music he sings as he describes it as "Lava in Soul".

His sense of History of Rastafari and reggae makes him humble to walk those barefoot Paths of the hills of Reggae, that the Greats like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Buju Banton, I Wayne, Sizzla Kolanji used to inspire Nations all over the world through songs.

He explains that in high school that he made the leap of faith to be Rastafarian, It was not an easy choice at that age but that decision changed his life and he began to discover a greater love for culture of Reggae music and Rastafari. He began his music Career in 2009 His first major release was “One Day” on The Zion Train Project produced by APS.Columbian. Nyashane explains being a part of Upright People is destiny as he feels a true sense of the Warrior Spirit in his music and the movement

His debut Ep "Barefoot Warrior" is a true reflection of his experience in Rastafari as a Nyabingi warrior in Jamaica. He is so proud to deliver his project to the world and the reception it has received from true reggae fans.

“I am Feeling Irie” is a celebration of life through his eyes as Reggae Warrior,
He Delivers an Upbeat Reggae Classic that draws comparisons to Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds"

Nyashane draws his inspiration from life energy all around him, which he expresses through his songs, in its essence he called it "Life Music"Barefoot Warrior Ep has been named in Top 30 Reggae Release in 2014 By ARIM Reggae Magazine. He is currently working with the management and Production of APS.Columbian, they believe that he can carry on the tradition of reggae to higher levels in the name of "Love for the people".
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