Rising Reggae Artist Jahmiel Refuse To Sell His Soul To Gain the World

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So often we hear of people taking the quick way out in order to earn a dollar. Dancehall/Reggae artist Jahmiel has taken a different approach, which he vocalize in his recent single 'Gain the World'. Jahmiel, who is a rising star out of Jamaica, makes it clear that he will never sell out in order to obtain the finer things in life.

Born in Portmore Jamaica, Jahmiel has never had the luxury of living in the big house or driving the fancy cars, but he knows what loyalty and perseverance mean. For Jahmiel, its not about singing songs to gain the quick dollar or the luxurious things in life. Music is his life and passion and for Jahmiel he only intends to give positive vibes through his music.
'Gain the World' produced by Quantanium, was never a pre meditated song, instead, Jahmiel heard a rhythm, felt a vibe and 'Gain the World' was born. Living his life day to day being thankful for his gradual rise in the music industry, Jahmiel makes it known he will continue to stay focus, work hard and put out good quality music, no matter how long it takes for him to obtain the finer things in life.

"Mi nuh frighten fi house pon di hill, Mi have one shoes alone and mi build, A nuff a dem lose them soul fi gain the world, We nuh switch fi di table turn, Mi nuh frighten fi Benz and Bimma, Mi nuh sellout mi friends dem neither, A nuff a dem lose them soul fi gain the world, we nuh switch fi di table turn" Lyrics from Jahmiel single 'Gain the World'.

Currently receiving national and international airplay, 'Gain the World' is a single that many DJ's and fans are able to connect to. "Gain the World, is a real song, we see it all the time where not only artists but regular 9-5 people, switch to earn a dollar, sell their souls to be able to drive the flashy cars" says DJ Norie of Power 105.1.

Jahmiel is gearing up for several dates as he is already confirmed for Brazil, Grenada and several more dates being negotiated now.

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