Tasha T Captivates Brooklyn Center For The Performing Arts

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On Saturday, April 25th 2015 at the Walt Whitman Auditorium Brooklyn College, Brooklyn New York, the Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music, (CPR) and Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts hosted the much anticipated, International Women of Reggae Night of Hits Event.  Showtime was 8:00 PM.

Tasha T performed alongside Lady Ann, Junie Ranks, Nadine Sutherland, Shuga, Chyna Nicole, Kristine Alicia, and Etana.

Tasha T blazed onto the stage in a stunning deep red and burgundy ensemble, special thanks to, Emma McClain Omotade, located in Queens NY.  At one point in her set, she asked the crowd "How you like my dress, it nice yes?" to which they wholeheartedly agreed.

This graceful artist commands the attention of her listeners; whether it is on stage, or via her music.  She is undoubtedly a well-rounded entertainer.  She dominates the stage and covers it like a painter does his canvas.

Her five song set began with "Firm Meditation" a song that speaks to women and reminds them of their self-worth, a catchy tune, an anthem, if you will.  Her vocal arrangements are clever, fast flowing; it is a feel good tune.  She followed up with the cover "Win or Lose" by Phyllis Dillon followed by Rita Marley's "One Draw" that got the crowd - who, if they were still sitting, were now on their feet.  Her next track "Bed of Fire" hugely popular, speaks to the negativity in some people; the tune comes with a caveat of what will befall you, if you don't remain focused in your life "just open your eyes don't get hypnotized by no devil heart with pretty face."  Her final song is on the rhythm Hypocrites called "Mouth a Matic" that talks about folks that like to talk negatively about other folks; lyrics were amusing and smart, again well organized.

Slight in stature, her second album is large in sound and content, her vocals are distinctive to each individual song.  The album is entitled "Real Talk" on the RasVibe Records label and is distributed by VP Records; released in 2014 is still generating a lot of buzz.

With a cache of awards under her belt, she is also a recent 2015 Juno Award Nominee; and the only female in the category of "Best Reggae Recording."  Tasha T is currently touring North America and Europe, including Serbia, the United Kingdom and Montenegro with additional dates to follow.

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