Watch: Abby Dallas He’s Just NOT Into You [Official Music Video]

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The long awaited video of One Jam recording artiste Abby Dallas "He's Just Not Into You" officially premiere this past weekend in her native beautiful island of Jamaica on the award winning program OnStage and the popular HYPE TV!

The video shot in New York, directed by Frank Blenman and Oxxygen will also make it's debut on various worldwide notable programs and can now be viewed online at One Jam Music youtube video channel.

 “He’s Just NOT Into You is a thought-provoking song that advises women to pay attention to the clues and signs that a man gives when he’s just not into you.” She added “When a man is not into you, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you; it could just simply mean thatyou are not his type, the same way another man might not be your type.  So, you should just learn to walk away and move on without the drama; nuh chase him just replace him.”  

- Abby Dallas

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