Dancehall Artiste I-Voltage Creates Major Buzz With Burial Money

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After several challenging years of trying to break into mainstream dancehall, recording artiste Aaron Whyte more popularly known as I-Voltage is finally seeing his hard work come to fruition with his latest effort ‘Burial Money.

Alluding to the unethical practice where many relatives spend lavishly on funeral arrangements, yet apprehensive to render assistance while the family member was alive. The song has struck a chord with the masses as I-Voltage sings, “gimme my burial money from now so mi can spend it while me living nuh badda wait till mi dead fi spend it pon nine night__ gimme now while mi strong and alrite”

Due to musical pursuits, the dreadlocked singer hailing from the Nine Miles, Bull Bay community now residing in Kingston has got the streets abuzz with activity has the Keno 4 Star/One Nation Music produced single continues to do well locally amid going viral in the wider diaspora . Since its release the song has found its way onto several established outlets including G98.7FM in Canada and numerous stations throughout the New York Tri-State area.

“I’m surprised, but happy to see how quickly the streets have embraced the song. I never expected it to pick up so fast but based on the amount of work we’ve been putting in, it was only a matter of time. Respect to every CD man, sound system selector and media personality that give me a strength but I have to personally shout out ZJ Johnny Kool for being the first radio jock to play the song, him is a DJ weh believe inna youth” – I-Voltage added.

No stranger to the Jamaican music landscape, I-Voltage emerged on the scene in 2008 working with a plethora of labels before finding the hit factor with his current management Keno-4-Star. An official video was shot by Yosef Imaginations and is expected to be premiered in the weeks ahead.

For 2015 the singer is focused on expanding his brand with a number of new releases and already has his sight set on the international market.

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