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Feeling energized from his recent successful promotional tour of the US along with a gig in Mexico, the acknowledged ‘roots warrior’, Warrior King, is all packed and ready to hit the road again – this time to the continent of Europe.

The reggae artiste, whose newest singles, Aint Giving Up and Same Source from his soon-to-be-released album, Roots Warrior, are gaining traction both in Jamaica and on the international scene, is focused on building his brand and always upping the ante in terms of delivering conscious, thought-provoking songs and great performances. With his foundation-type reggae music finding its way straight into the hearts of music lovers globally, Warrior King is increasingly becoming a favourite in Europe and his tour, which kicks off on June 12, marks the second time the artiste will be performing there since 2015.

“I did a stint in Europe in February and it was everything I hoped for and more. The promoters did their job well and the venues were sold out. The fans showed so much love, it was really amazing. It’s really nice to feel appreciated, doing what you love to do and getting paid for it. Of course, touring is hard work; it’s not all about the glamour, but it’s music and we reggae artistes are passionate about our music. We are reggae ambassadors and pledge to bring the music to the four corners of the world, so the mission continues,” the Virtuous Woman singer stated.

Warrior King’s first show is Rast' Art Festival on June 12 in Normandy France. The following day, sees him performing at Studio Club in Cergy. On June 14, he travels to the Austrian capital, Vienna for a show at the Fania Live Club, while a mix of club and festival appearances in the UK will see him on the road until June 24.

Meanwhile, Warrior King is also putting the finishing touches to his upcoming album, Rootz Warrior, which is produced by Warrior King’s own Rootz Warrior Productions and Irie Sounds International. The singer recently packaged the video for the second single, Same Source and is eagerly anticipating its premiere.

​Rootz Warrior is scheduled to be released in July 2015.
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