Homebase Music Drops Myst Riddim

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Grenadian based production house Homebase Music presents the MYST Riddim. The MYST Riddim features four scorching songs set to ignite airwaves, including Baracka with “Yuh never Know,” Boogie B with “Am ah Drinka”, Mr. Razer with “Heaven down Here,” and Emrand Henry with "Education".

All Tracks produced by: Wayne Green of Homebase Music. Mixed by: Dwayne 'Adigun' Celestine. Mastered by: 'Adigun' for Homebase Music. Background Vocals by: Valene Nedd, Irvin Isaacs & Sean Don Modest.

  1. Baracka 
  2. Boogie B 
  3. Emrand Henry 
  4. Mr. Razer 
  5. MYST Riddim Instrumental

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