One Jam Music Gears Up to Release the Energetic Dancehall Hyperactive Riddim

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One Jam Music is gearing up to release the Hyperactive Riddim, an energetic dancehall riddim that is sure to energize the party crowd this summer. The riddim was produced by Andre “DreZion” Bailey, who produced the Harder than Hard Riddim. Unlike the Harder than Hard Riddim, which featured songs from a trio of dancehall heavyweights – Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, and Agent Sasco -- the Hyperactive Riddim features three songs from a trio of emerging acts lead by Abby Dallas. What the riddim lacks in big names, it more than makes up for with big tunes.

The versatile Abby Dallas, who has been enjoying a surge in popularity on the strength of songs such as  From My Heart, He’s Just NOT Into You, and her recent remix of Rihanna’s BBHMM, is on the verge of breaking out, and Bruk Out, her effort on the riddim, may be the song that gives her the big break. Abby, may not be the be only one who breaks this summer, as Paashot could certainly “buss” with This Summer, a club banger that could play well beyond this summer. Similarly, Baeji’s When We a Party, with its infectious hook and vivid imagery, sounds like it has the potential to liven up parties year round.

The Hyperactive Riddim will soon be available on iTunes, Amazon, and other leading online retailers. In the meantime, you can preview the songs on SoundCloud.

Abby Dallas - Bruk Out
Paashot - This Summer
Baeji - When We a Party
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