Reggae Song Bird - Alaine Premiere Ten Of Hearts On Sound Chat Radio

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The beautiful, blessed and jovial Alaine arrived in the sound chat studios a few weeks ago to premiere here album 'Ten of Hearts' to over 22 streaming partners and several thousand listeners, on sound chat radio.

The interview which, was conducted by Chin, of Irish and Chin, lasted for approximately 45 minutes and Alaine shared her vision behind 'Ten of Hearts'. Fans had the opportunity to learn about the multi-talented career Alaine has honed for the past 10 years.

She discussed the process behind the creation of 'Ten of Hearts' and her ability to create fluidly. Alaine also discussed her comfortability with being labeled a "Reggae Artist". Alaine states "I was raised listening to reggae music, its music of my heart. Before I could talk I was dancing to reggae music and so I am a Reggae artist". She wrapped up by saying she can sing other genres but reggae is big, its cool to be Jamaican especially when you travel the world Reggae is a "Big Deal'

Currently on her European Summer Tour, Alaine continues to promote her album "Ten of Hearts" and is receiving enormous feedback internationally.

Look out for Alaine live acoustic performance and interview on Sirius XM.

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