Spookie Preparing For Promotional Tour

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Dancehall recording artiste Spookie is preparing for his highly anticipated promotional tour to Jamaica this summer. The Jamaican born, UK based artiste will arrive in the island on the 2nd of August 2015 for a two week visit to promote his singles ‘Hurt it up’ and ‘Cah Tek Wi Life’.

Both singles have been receiving great reviews and air play in Jamaica, the wider Caribbean and the UK. With over 41000 views on YouTube since the official video release for ‘Hurt It Up’, Spookie has seen tremendous growth in his fan base.

He shared, “I have fans from countries such as Panama, Germany and Suriname just to name a few and it keeps growing”. Spookie is delighted with the reception he has been getting from the fans "The experience is pretty amazing, I have been booked on many shows and parties to perform my songs and it’s fulfilling. I feel as though I have pleased my fans and that's exactly what I wanted to do," he added.

Though his trip to the island will be a short one, Spookie will spend his time completing several television and radio Interviews, street promotions, performances at several parties and meeting with other producers with the hope of recording his next hit single.

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