Ginjah Hits With Black Sugar

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Reggae singer, Ginjah is confident that his new single, Black Sugar, will be a big hit. The song which was produced by Clive Hunt and Clayton Whylie for i Land Music was released on the 7th of July. Since then it has been receiving heavy rotation on a number of top local radio stations including IRIE FM, HITZ 92 FM, RJR 94 FM, FAME FM and Sun City FM.

“This song is getting a lot of rotation, almost every radio station in Jamaica is playing it. It’s also doing well overseas, a lot of people have been contacting me via social media from places in Africa, the U.S., the UK and Europe about it. It’s also getting a lot of love across the Caribbean.”

Ginjah said he was motivated by popular IRIE FM radio personality Elise Kelly to record Black Sugar.

"A friend of mine went to IRIE FM recently, when he came back, he told me that Mama Elise asked him to tell me to record a love song. That’s when I decided to record Black Sugar for all the beautiful dark skin ladies of the world. I have to big up Elise Kelly, Gary G, DJ Amber, Kenneth Reid, Fire Wayne, and all other the DJs who are playing my music and thank them for their support,” said Ginjah.

Ginjah is also enjoying strong rotation with a number of other singles including Africa Calling and Pedophile.

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