Latty J Says No Abuse

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Dancehall artiste Latty J is not afraid to tackle social issues with her music. Concerned about the rapid increase in violence against women in Jamaica and other parts of the world she recently released a single titled No Abuse.

Latty J whose real name is Tynese Jackson takes a firm stance against domestic violence in No Abuse by singing lines such as:

Yuh see dah body yah it neva mek fi teck no shoes no kick up no box dung no batta bruise.

Yuh lick mi one time dah good body yah yuh loose say yuh neva mean it lame excuse.

Mi know nuff woman weh get abuse and fraid fi lef cause them nuh waan fi mek the news.

The hard working singjay said she hopes that the song will encourage women to stand up against domestic violence.

“We often hear about women who are in abusive relationships. A lot of them stay in these relationships because they are scared to leave and end up paying the price for remaining, with their lives. I hope that my song will inspire women to stand up and realize that they do not have to stay in abusive relationships. You have to protect yourself and your children from abuse,” said Latty J.

No Abuse was produced by Mr. Vegas on the Tables Turn rhythm and released on his MV Music imprint last week. Latty J is currently on tour in Europe along with Mr. Vegas and Natel.
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