Mr. Vegas Turns Up The Heat With Tables Turn

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Dancehall star Mr. Vegas is at it again. He recently released a controversial new single called Tables Turn which has tongues wagging. Vegas who was embroiled in highly publicized scandal in 2012 after he accused his baby mother of infidelity on social media brags about taking revenge in Tables Turn.

The song begins with Mr. Vegas boastfully declaring, “The tables turn roun, she cheat pon mi she a go cheat pon yuh and cheat pon di man weh take her from yuh.”

He turns up the heat by singing taunting lines throughout the song such as:

Memba yuh did a boast say yuh touch mi baby mother bwoy.

Now mi touch back yuh gal have her a jump fi joy.

Yuh neva know di table woulda turn roun.

Since its release Tables Turn has received heavy rotation on all top local radio stations and it has also become the topic of many discussions on social media.

Vegas whose real name is Clifford Smith is not one to shy away from controversy. In a recent interview, Vegas was asked if the lyrical content of the song is fact or fiction. He replied, “So many things have happened in my life over the last three years. I've been through a bakery full a bun, and I have influenced some hot bun to. Some man did a talk a bag things, now a my time to enjoy the moment. This song has nothing to do with what people are talking about. That story is dead. Big up mi six baby mother dem still.”

“Not every song is about something in my past or my personal life. For example if I sing a song called I am Missing You, it does not have to mean it’s something personal. However, I understand why people think Tables Turn is about the incident with my baby mother. I was the one who put it out there, and if I had to do I would do it all over again,”
said Vegas.

Making good on his promise to dominate 2015 Vegas is blowing up the local airwaves and the streets with a plethora of hot singles including Thinking Out Loud, Someone To Love ft. Natel, Whine Fi Di Money, Give Thanks For Life, Tables Turn, Can’t Stop Your Blessing and Real Dogs on the Justus Harris produced Life Support rhythm.

Tables Turn was produced by Mr. Vegas on the Tables Turn rhythm that was created by Haldane Browne and Chemist. The song was released on his MV Music label two weeks ago.

The Tables Turn rhythm also features songs from Bugle with Work Hard, Vershon with I Can Be That, Latty J with No Abuse, Natel with Love Them All and Beego with Lie Dem A Tell.

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