Collie Buddz Drops Blue Dreamz EP

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Collie Buddz follows a string of successful one-off singles and collaborations with his Blue Dreamz EP a seven-track project available today on Louder Than Life/Sony Music. He will also take the stage today at Hot 97's annual On The Reggae & Soca Tip in New York City, the station's biggest Caribbean show.

The EP kicks off with what can best be described as vintage Collie Buddz on "Blue Dreamz" as he explains, "Last night I had a dream that, I'm sittin on a hundred pound weed stack, floatin on it like a real boss, nuh bodda touch it when yuh come cross".  The Bermuda-raised artist blends the bedroom with the dance floor on the undeniable catchy romp "Like Yuh Miss Me". Backed by soaring synthesizers and addictive percussion, Buddz utilizes his trademark melodic vocals to ask his girl to "f**k me like yuh miss me/ pretend it's been about 10 years now." It may seem direct—and it is!—but this is a guy who lives his life on the road and, no doubt, misses that good love he can only get at home. It's a sentiment anyone who's travelled for work or been in a long distance relationship can relate to.

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