Juvi’s Battlefield Video Creates Waves With OnStage

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Releasing at the end of July, the music video for “Battlefield” has created waves within the reggae scene. Earlier this month it received its T.V Premiere on Jamaica’s renowned entertainment show “On Stage”, last week Entertainment Report also featured the new video causing a wave of rave reviews.

The single itself was recorded as part of “Bow & Arrow” riddim which was a compilation of various artists that released earlier this year. “Battlefield” has definitely dominated the radio’s in Jamaica and has rapidly become a street anthem for the youth. Producers Desmond Hepburn and Andre Ennis of PushHitz Records alongside Juvi have been enjoying the success of this single, the team working hard at delivering a follow up hit.

Meet Juvi!

CEDRIC GUYAH was born at the Spanish Town Hospital in St Catherine, Jamaica, on March 29,1987. He was raised by his grandmother in Old Harbour, St Catherine, who instilled the positive values and principles in him, that has made him the man he is today. He attended Central High School in May Pen, Clarendon, where he was dubbed "Juvenile" (Juvifor short) for being the youngest of his peers. As a child growing up, he had an unfathomable passion for music and started putting pen to paper to write his life stories in songs. He was born for this.

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Push Hitz Records, an organization determined to bring back positive inspirational Reggae and Dancehall music and ensuring that we produce positivity Pushing it to the fore-front of the music industry. We intend to deliver consciousness, bringing to light the struggles faced by not just Jamaican youth but the youths of the world. “Push” brainchild of Desmond “Spikes” Hepburn and partner Delano “FLO-Push”Smith, Founded in 2009, PushHitz Records is dedicated to establishing and building positive relationships & partnerships and has vowed to provide opportunity for talented, wholesome artists both locally and internationally.

Our goal is to reestablish the connection that has been severely broken between the artistes and the fans and all lovers of Reggae & Dancehall music. PushHitz Records is determined to erase the reputation that reggae and dancehall music are volatile and insulting. We will “Push” forward never forgetting our past taking our music back to the days of peace, love, and harmony. Our mission is humble and simple; make good music that is decent and appealing to all. With this as the mission, we will “Rise To The Occasion”, Being what no one can be for us but always living by example so our Fans will know how to be “Stars Among Stars”.
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