Natel Is The Voice Behind NCB’ s Excellence JA Song

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It’s not surprising to hear people singing lines from popular radio and TV advertisements. In fact some ads are so popular that even many years after they are no long running on radio or TV people still remember them.

The NCB Excellence JA advertising campaign that ran during the local TV coverage of the recently held IAAF World Athletics Championships seems poised to become one of those unforgettable advertisements.

Former Rising Stars contestant Natel is the singer of the Mikey Bennet produced song that was created for the ad campaign.

“This project just came out of the blue so to speak. I was on the road, and Mikey Bennett called me and told me he needed me to come to the studio immediately to do a recording. Mikey wrote the song, and I delivered it to the best of my ability.”

Natel’s unique singing style has helped to make the Excellence JA campaign very popular.

“From all indications the ad was a hit, it was one of the talking points throughout the World Championships and people are still talking about it. I even heard that people have been calling local media houses trying to find out who is the singer of the song. Some people are saying Excellence JA is so good that we should release it as single,” said Natel.

The easy-going singer recently shot the video for his hit single, Only For You.

“We just completed the video. I have to thank everyone who worked on this project including Tiyarro, Sherice Broomfield and Sanjay for their support. We shot the last scene on Sunday in Port Royal. It should be ready for release very soon.”

Natel is currently gearing up for a tour of the US West Coast alongside MV Music boss Mr. Vegas and his labelmate Latty J.

“I am getting ready to hit the road with Vegas for his US West Coast Reggae Euphoria tour. I am looking forward to going out there and perform the people on the West Coast,” said Natel.
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