Demarco Releases Fallen Friends

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Dancehall artiste Demarco recently released a brand new single titled Fallen Friends.

Demarco said the song was influenced by a number of recent incidents chief among them the passing of his late friend and colleague J Capri.

“Around this time last year, my mom passed, and now my good friend J Capri is gone. It’s always very painful to lose the people who you love.  After I had heard the news about J Capri, I began thinking about a lot of things like the Paris Bombings and the little kids we hear about daily on the news who have been murdered. Music is the main outlet I use to express my thoughts, so I decided to write this song for all the people who I have lost and all the people who lost someone.”

Demarco said J Capri will be sadly missed by everyone who knew her.

“J was very fun-loving and creative; she was a very nice person. Earlier this year we recorded a song together called Good Things. I was very impressed by her talent and her work ethic. She will be sadly missed by the music fraternity, her fans and everyone who knew her. As you can see a lot of people loved her,” said Demarco

Fallen Friends was produced by Demarco’s official DJ Slaughta on the Heavens Gate rhythm for SG Records and BlueSky Productions.
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