New DUTTY SHAKE Tune and Dance Erupt Dancehall Frenzy

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New Dancehall tunes and riddims are being released by the second. Sadly, much of the music comes and goes, even quality productions. When you ask renowned producer DJ Blaze Worldwide the ultimate goal for his music, he utters humbly "staying power." As fate has it, the producer's musical dreams are unfolding right before his very eyes, as his latest song "Dutty Shake," with the talented young artist Raytid, is leaving an indelible mark on Dancheall fans.

In just a short period of time, the new "Dutty Shake" tune and dance are taking over the industry, gaining widespread popularity. The song boasts an infectious hook, which commands all to do the "DUTTY SHAKE!" As many like to call this Fiyah Blaze Productions and Raytid collabo, "feel good music," motivating everyone to move to it's pulsating riddim. Simply, "Dutty Shake" is bringing back the fun and 'Dance' to Dancehall, critical elements of the vibrant music and culture.

Inspired by 90's digitalized Dancehall, "Dutty Shake" solidifies itself as a modern day smash, amassing support from radio to the Dancehalls! There is no question that endorsement and support from Jamaica's top dancers, including Sher, Nickeisha, Renee six thirty and more, has been instrumental in the success of "Dutty Shake" in Jamaica. These talented dancers bring the "Dutty Shake" to life nightly during popular events. Not to mention, burgeoning Dancehall talent Raytid is doing his groundwork for the single, front and center at key events championing for the addictive new song and dance. You know the tune is a hit when the DJ "wheels" it up multiple times each time it plays.

"Without question, I believe the dancers are playing a major role in 'Dutty Shake's' appeal," says DJ Blaze Worldwide of Fiyah Blaze Productions. "It is a dance and the lyrics pay homage to some of the hottest dancers on the scene right now, who often don't get their due props, this is a important part of 'Dutty Shake' becoming a hit."
Raytid's efforts in Jamaica, complimented by Fiyah Blaze Productions heavy U.S. promotions campaign, make "Dutty Shake" a clear stand out. The track's solid production, both musically and lyrically, as well as the upbeat tune's vibes and essence of the streets, are assets. "Dutty Shake" oozes Dancehall music and culture. "My long term vision for Dutty shake is to create a high level of visibility, which spawns business opportunities as well as positioning of Fiyah Blaze Productions as a well-respected label and brand," says DJ Blaze Worldwide.

Whether you are a DJ, Dancer or plain out fan and supporter of Dancehall music, one shouldn't let the year go by without you copping this one! DJ Blaze Worldwide, also known as Anthony Decesare, is an accomplished DJ, music producer, radio producer and sound system owner (456 sound). Via his Fyah Blaze Productions company he produces a diverse repertoire of music featuring what reads like a who's who of Dancehall artists. In addition to "Dutty Shake," Fiyah Blaze Productions has the 'blazing' releases "Love" by Erup ft Faydra and "Bubble Time" by Demarco available now.

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