Dancehall DABB Video Sets Social Media On Fire

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Mr Vegas recently released the highly anticipated video for his new hit single, Dancehall DABB.The video was directed by Ty Black and premiered online on Tuesday on American Hip Hop Website World Star Hip Hop.Com. The ultra-popular entertainment site also posted the video on its YouTube channel.

The video was officially released on Wednesday and since then it has been featured on a number of other popular US based entertainment sites including All Hip Hop.Com, The Fader.Com, FlossMagazine.Com, The Shade Room.Com, Mass Appeal.Com and Hip Hop Weekly.

The video was choreographed by popular Canadian Choreographer Tabby Rockstar and features dancers from Africa, the Caribbean and Canada.

There’s as tremendous hype surrounding the video for the single that was produced by Riva Nile Productions and Mr Vegas.

“Dancehall DABB is hot, within a matter of days the video has gone viral, it has received more than 100,000 hits on YouTube already,” said Vegas. “This video is currently the most talked about video online. It’s a hot topic, and it’s getting a lot of likes and shares.”.

While many music fans have embraced Dancehall DABB, it has also received some criticism from people accusing Vegas of selling out for recording a song about the popular American DABB dance.

“Everybody has something to say, the good, the bad and the ugly. Some say mi sell out, some say mi shouldn’t follow a trend. I never hear any uproar when the big Pop artistes use dancehall dance moves in their videos. The DABB is the biggest thing the states right now, all the music stars, sports stars and other celebrities are doing it. I like it, and I want Jamaica and the whole Caribbean to join the fun and do the DABB, that’s why I have recorded Dancehall DABB. It’s time to put the fun back in dancehall music. The fact that everyone is talking about this video right now is a good look for dancehall music and Mr Vegas,” said the entertainer.

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