M-Gee X Gully Bop Score again with Delilah

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Overnight, M-Gee and Gully Bop have gained the most talked about single in dancehall since the start of the New Year. The impromptu soundtrack to a story of infidelity is suddenly on the radar way before an official release. It seems everyone wants to get a taste of the Delilah drama, which has gone viral.

Singer M-Gee is elated about the growing popularity of the song, “To be honest we had no idea that the song would spread like wild fire. From the moment we drop the video of us recording in the studio, the world just take it up and run with it. Now we are blessed with another hit.”

The song was written by both M-gee and Gully Bop on spot in the studio, in the midst of a highly publicized break up with Bop and his fiancĂ©e. “I feel the tune connect with so many people because it come from the heart. We were all so hurt over the whole situation that you can feel the pain from the lyrics. This type of thing every single person can relate to, disappointment, heartache and betrayal,” M-Gee explained.

The music video for Delilah will be premiered later this month. The song is produced by A Jus Di Vybz Music and Theo Prince and distributed by 21stHapilos.

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