Nesbeth Plagued By Scammers, Artiste Takes Action

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In a move aimed at quarantining the stem of illicit activities by scammers who continue to swindle unsuspecting individuals out of their hard earned income. The management of Reggae recording artiste Nesbeth is taking a proactive approach to the problem. His camp has began the process of contacting all the various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) to report and rid the internet of all spurious accounts operating under the guise of his moniker.

In a statement from Entertainment Soul, Nesbeth’s management company they remaked,
“It is very unfortunate and disheartening to know people work so hard for their money especially in this tough economic climate only to have these cold-hearted technological parasites deny them the privilege of enjoying said, while giving entertainers a bad name and hurting the image of the Jamaican music industry.”

In recent times Nesbeth’s camp has received numerous complaints from individuals who have been deceived by these perpetrators when trying to conduct business and hence the push to purge the space.

“For those who have been scammed, I empathize with their situation and hence the reason we are making this concerted effort to rid the internet of these rogue accounts. However in the same breath people need to be extremely careful and should do the necessary checks and balances before giving their monies to others. If someone wants to book me for a professional engagement they should seek the proper channels to avoid the risk of being victimized. My management – Entertainment Soul can be reached at  sd@entertainmentsoul.net  and for media and booking related matters it is Prism Marketing Consultants at 1(876) 331.9362 or prism.marketing.consultants@gmail.com. My official social media accounts can be accessed at: @Nesbethreggae; official website is www.nesbethreggae.com  anything else is fraudulent.” – Nesbeth added.

With his single ‘My Dream’ one the biggest songs for 2016 and a scintillating performance at this year’s staging of Rebel Salute at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in St. Ann Nesbeth is now making preparations for an upcoming tour of the U.S. among several other assignments.

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