Rising Reggae Artist Jahmiel Release New Single Great Man

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With a career in music, which spans over seven years and only 22 years old, rising reggae artist Jahmiel sees it fit to talk about being a great man . Over the past few months life has taken a 180 degree turn for Jahmiel. His groundbreaking hit 'Gain the World' has brought him a new found notoriety, on an international level. Yet with his success he asks the question:

"Why when a great man rise dem wah see a great man fall? Jah see and know say me never do dem nutten at all. Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why You get a fight when you start try"

Said by many great men and women; with success comes problem, the great Notorious B.I.G said "More Money More Problems". Inspired by life and real life experience and situations, Jahmiel always look to inspire. The single 'Great Man' is an inspirational track for everyone who fights day to day to achieve greatness yet, is faced with persons who try to undermine the success you have attained.

"Mentally they wanna break me down, But me listen Jah Jah every sound, cause I'm a king they wanna take the crown, Jah put my feet on solid ground, No dem no wah me have the strength wah me lose my confidence, success never happen by accident, A learn man learn through past events'

Jahmiel closes his song with a powerful excerpt leaving his listeners with hope " He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide, Under the Shadow of the Almighty" Pslam 91:1


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