Soca Hitting Big Stars in USA!!!

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Hard work definitely pays off. Ricardo Drue has told ETCETERABUZZ in the past that his professional portrait is still being painted, but even with that admission, he’s proving to be a force on the soca circuit. On Christmas eve, Drue got a very special tweet. It came from soca lover and US singer, songwriter and producer, Meghan Trainor. She sent the impromptu message to the Antigua born entertainer indicating that she just couldn’t get enough of his 2016 hit, BET.

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Meghan Trainor, for those who are a bit lost, is that artiste who gave the world, “All About That Bass” in 2014. Trainor’s a Billboard Music award recipient and she’s received three Grammy award nominations in the past. She’s no unknown. For Drue to receive this endorsement from such a globally recognized voice, is big business. He’s on top of the world too. In an Instagram post on the topic, he said, “One of the major highlights of my Christmas was when Pop Icon Meghan Trainor @meghan_trainor sent me a tweet expressing her love for my latest record BET. Just wanted to personally say thank you for the support and the shout out and great music as always!!!”
Ricardo Drue is presently in North America where he spent the Christmas holiday with his family, which includes a baby boy who celebrated his very first Christmas this year. Drue told the world that “they’re all that matter,” in an Instapic caption during his holiday home run. For more on Ricardo Drue, check him out @itsdrue EVERYWHERE!
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