A’mari Clears The Air

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US-based R&B/Hip-Hop artiste A’mari would like to clear the air regarding her relationship with dancehall star Gully Bop. In recent times, reports have surfaced in sections of the media about a falling out between the couple. However, A’mari is adamant that all is well with her and her lover.

“I want everyone to know that Gully Bop and I are still together, there are a lot of people spreading rumors about us breaking up. What they’re saying is not true, these people are a bunch of haters. Since I’ve been with Gully, I’ve been through a lot. Girls have been texting me saying all kinds of stuff, claiming that they are in a relationship with him and all that. I’ve decided not gonna let them break us up.”

A’mari and Gully Bop are currently spending time in New York together.

“Bop is here with me; we are promoting our collaboration singles including Cheater Girls and No Ordinary Girls. We really enjoy spending time together while embarking on our musical journey,” said A’mari.

A’mari recently took Gully Bop to the dentist.

“When I love someone, I love them all the way. I love Gully Bop, and I care about him. So I took him to the dentist. A lot of people don’t know this, he was in a car accident over a decade ago, that’s how he lost most of his teeth. Several of them broke off at the root, and he’s been suffering a lot over the years because of this. The dentist has removed seven of them including his famous one teeth. He still has five more to remove after that’s done; he’s going to wear dentures for a while and after that he’s going to get implants.”

Since his visit to the dentist, Gully Bop has been in a very upbeat mood.

“A mi and A’mari forever, she’s the love of my life, she’s di only one for me, a God send her inna mi life. Mi nuh inna nutten with no other girl, tell di world Gully Bop only have one woman. Dem a talk bout girl pregnant fi me, yuh can’t prove that a man is the father of a child with a pregnancy test. Di girl weh sey she pregnant fi mi have to do a DNA test or better yet a bna test; if she waah know what dat mean it mean Bop not available,” said Gully Bop.

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