D’Angel Speaks to Gender Bias in Music

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Recording artiste D’Angel in several interviews showed support to other females in the industry. The First Lady of Dancehall has been dragged into several controversies in the past and is now being vocal about her struggles. She said “As a female in this industry you have to work harder each day. As women we have to demand our respect from the men and surprisingly even the other women in the industry”.

The dancehall artiste who is known for singles such as ‘Stronger’ and ‘Break Free’ that speaks to her struggles and her way out is keen on building a stronger foundation for her brand. D’Angel said “When a nude photo for a male artiste is leaked he is praised and when a female artiste even dress revealing she is blamed for the breakdown in society, this is clearly gender bias”.

D’Angel like many female artistes have also spoke about the bias in the entertainment industry but she is calling for change to be made. She said, “I am not trying to stir up any controversy; as an artiste I have a voice and I want to be able to use my voice to create change. I have been in the music industry for years and I want new comers to know that they are just as equal to any of males”.

The ‘Stronger’ artiste also shared that her music is doing well and receiving support from her fans. She believes that her fans are the driving force that assists her in rebuilding her brand. She further encourages her female fans to pursue careers as music producers, road managers and engineers even though these careers are male dominated.

D’Angel who has several hit singles is also setting her eyes on Europe in July and August of this year!
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