New Music: Laura Lisa x Skinny Fabulous - The Movement

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Her first track for the year and out blazing she comes alongside Skinny Fabulous with a song that will certainly let you know Carnival is Calling you !!!

A law of nature, as immutable as the need for humans to breathe: energy cannot be destroyed, only MOVED from one form to another. This premiere collaboration between Laura-Lisa, Skinny Fabulous and Rubato Studios embodies and translates this law into the musical sphere.  

From the get-go, the pulsating kick drum of "The Movement" prophesies the future in your ear - a future full of movement. Laura Lisa's honeyed melodies and harmonies inspires listeners to not just get up, but JUMP up and join the Carnival movement. Skinny Fabulous' energy-infused (and inducing) chant encourages the revelers to rev up their feet and waistlines... all while the riddim flows from potential vibes to kinetic, frenetic hype. 

So it should be no surprise that wherever you may find yourself in the world where this song is played - be it Vincy Mas, Spice Mas, Toronto Caribbean Carnival, NottingHill Carnival, NY Labour Day, Miami Carnival - you will be moved from passive listener to active "gettonah". Such is the power... of "The Movement" - and it's about to move the world this 2016 Carnival season.

Written & Performed By: Laura "Laura Lisa" Richardson & Gamal "Skinny Fabulous" Doyle
Vocals Arranged By: Hervin Hood of Rubato Studios
Produced By: Rubato Studios
Mixed By: Hervin Hood of Rubato Studios
Mastered By: Johann Seaton (MadMen Productions)
Artwork By: John James (Palm Tree Vybz)
Executive Producer: Spice Concoction
Copyright: ECCO Rights


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