New Music: Skinny Banton - Jab Forever

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Skinny Banton and Sandman guide you on a nostalgic musical journey that dates back to a time where our ancestors overcame many a hardship to eventually RISE from opression to freedom. The story within the story subtly hints the emergence of the Jab Jab, the BLACK Diab that is now the face of Grenada's Carnival. While the story is not directly told, the message comes across as clear as the crystal waters of the Caribbean sea.

Even more so, to a listener who can identify with the message and knows his roots and how he came to be. The victorious synth melody combined with the commanding drums and a liberating mellow - mystical flute places the listener alongside those who celebrated their new found freedom many decades ago... And....if you listen carefully you may even hear the ooohs and crys of those very ancestors who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.

The refrain BLACK AS EVER rings through the song.seated atop the blare of a powerful horn which resonates deep within ones very soul. Though many questions may remain by the songs end, The message that rings clearest lies in the chorus.. AND WE WILL BE BLACK FOR EVER fortifying Pride for our origin colour and culture.
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