Dancehall Star Konshens Still Winning

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Over the past 3 years Konshens has been riding the waves of success stemming from his numerous hit singles such as Gyal a Bubble, Siddung, Winner, Bad GYAL, just to name a few. This success has culminated and created a demand for the dancehall star around the world, resulting in the plane being his second home.

Headlining tours in numerous markets such as Europe, UK, Africa, French Caribbean and being in constant demand in the United States, the dancehall stars' brand has continued to grow tremendously. Thankful for the love of worldwide fans, this past year Konshens made a decision to slightly shift the focus more on the artist and his fans. Recording quality music and getting it to his fans, while promoting his singles have been a major focal point. With the release of "Bruck off Yuh Back" it is clear that Konshens remains a major force to reckon within dancehall.

Produced by Burchill Records, "Bruck off Yuh Backhas topped charts all over the world and garnered over 5 million hits in less than a month of the video release. Receiving mainstream airplay in the US on WZMX, WQHT, WPGC, WJMH, WEDR, KMEL, KVEG, WPTY, WBTT, WJMN, and in UK, Caribbean and Africa, it is evident that "Bruck off Yuh Back " is another summer banger for Konshens.

This is a major accomplishment for both Konshens and dancehall as the genre is acknowledged among mainstream and pop culture for the fusion of the music. Without controversy, or gimmicks, Konshens has been able to soar to the top of charts with an authentic dancehall single, while being highlighted outside of the core market.

"FANS!! I'm not surprised at all! My fan base is huge and very loyal... They demanded my attention, I delivered and they are loving it, I'm thankful and this is just the beginning... 

My fans and dancehall fans on a whole really don't care about "hotness" after you have already stamped your class and set the levels... All they want is that you gi dem, dem music weh dem know u can gi dem an dem nuh care bout nuttn else!!  
Good song... Good visuals and PROMO!!  II been doing good songs just haven't been following through with the full package.  Now dj's and selectors are saying to me "yow mi jus get a new one badddd... Yuh find a new gear" im like "ye man,  dah song deh voice middle a last year tho" lol.  Music nice yah man" says Konshens.
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