Rihanna Producer Teams up and Forms Duo to DizTroy the Landscape of Dancehall

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The talented and forward thinking producer duo  Dale “Dizzle” Virgo and Troy Baker known as DizTroy  is the fresh sound in Reggae /Dancehall today.

The crafty mesh of styles and infectious grooves, lends way to an electric mash up of roots, which combine both Jamaican sound system culture along with British and American musical influences such as: Dub, Brit Pop, Trap and EDM.

Bred in Jamaica, DizTroy is at the forefront,  cultivating something special and unique.  Songs  that are firmly grounded at home but with loads of attitude, technically complex and musically edgy.  In other words…creative and refreshing. Pitchfork says of the duo  “They’re a necessary jolt of Sunshine”.

The self-taught duo’s musical collection breeds life under the newly formed imprint Gee Jam,  which is an off spring of acclaimed Gee Street Records,  started in the early 80’s by the legendary Jon Baker.

The ambitious release schedule plays like an addictive flow that delves deep into the artistry of Mystic Davis, Versi and several other artists coming down the pipeline.  A journey through soundscapes blending artful tapestry, broad strokes, experimental design  with mainstream appeal.

DizTroy’s debut video “Mystic Strings” from singer, rapper and dancer Mystic Davis  was shot in and around Port Antonio by Kevin Lee and Savannah Baker, capturing her unique vitality and character.

“Her presence is striking –vocally and physically”  says Revolt TV.  Continues “The EP,   DizTroy ft Mystic Davis is an undeniable 6 hard hitting songs along with her pop, tick and bubble vibes. Lyrical dancehall-infused hooks, delivery and cantankerous vibes  are impossible not to love”.

“30 Bad Bitches” from the EP premiered recently on Bitch MediaThe mind blowing eye candy video is scheduled to follow on October 28th.
Look for other releases to including Versi with “Build me a Spliff."  There will be videos for both songs. Gee Jam is part of the umbrella Gee Jam Collection which has hotel properties, as well as a recording studio.
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